The schoolmistress of Arskaht (the main village of Southern Vepsia)  - Tatjana Semenovna is receiving this year the first two parcels with learning books in Vepsian donated by  the Vepsian Society for her school. 

    Those books "Ic'emoi lugemist" were printed over ten years ago in Petrozavodsk but were 

delivered to Northern Vepsian schools in Carelia only (less than 10% of all Vepsians). 

That's why the Vepsian Society is fullfilling since 1997 a programm for syppluying Vepsian 

literature on no-charge-basis for schools and individuals in Middle- and Southern Vepsia.

    Tatjana is glad now also to get the feasibility to move with her pupils into a new school building

(former kindergarden) that is presently under reconstruction. In the old school edifice, erected in the

beginning of this century and described in the memoires by the great Finnish linguist L. Kettunen,

couldn't be taught any longer this winter because of coldness. At the moment the school is

situated in just ordinary flats of a block.

Vepsian Society and Bernhard Böss from  INFONOR (on the picture) are congratulating!